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LivClean Meal’s Chef Mark Lozano

Meet Chef Mark. With a Filipino descent and Italian upbringing, he has become incredibly skilled at infusing traditional dishes with a modern twist which had led him to work in the most renowned Italian restaurants today. Nothing makes him happier than to see LivClean’s clients smile from ear to ear when tasting his creations. Chef Mark truly loves changing clients lives one meal at a time.

LivClean Meals Holistic Nutritionist Stephanie Di Grazia

As the Registered Holistic Nutritionist for LivClean Meals she assists in recipe development and creation of menu items, provides menu consulting, and nutritional analysis to ensure our meals are both delicious and filled with nutrients, antioxidants and health promoting ingredients. She is also a go-to for customers seeking information about health, food and choosing meals for their health conditions or goals.

The owner of Stephanie Di Grazia Nutrition and Sweet & Sensible by Stephanie Protein Bites (find them on our snack menu!), and co-owner of Fit Fix Fitness, Stephanie strives to change lives by inspiring, educating and coaching people to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve their health goals.

The LivClean Meals team was brought together by a group of dedicated and inspired partners with a combined 25+ years in the food industry who had one vision – making Healthy, Fresh, Clean, Tasty, Portion-Controlled eating more accessible and convenient than ever before!

LivClean Meals isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle that works perfectly with your busy schedule.

From a health-conscious supermom, a busy active business owner, a powerful on-the-go working woman, and a fit-conscious family/business owner trying to balance the two….we get how hard it can be to find the time to cook true healthy, clean meals.

With today’s busy lifestyle it is a constant battle with time to provide our bodies with what it so desperately needs. Our mission is to conveniently provide you with fresh, delicious, nutrient dense, low-sodium, preservative free, no refined sugar meals delivered right to your door.

Forget fast food when there is no time - LivClean Meals is the new Fast-FIT-Food inspired to change people’s lives and give you better, healthier options.

Forget grocery shopping, and forget clean-up. Simply spend less time cooking and more time living.

LivClean Meals is here to Change Your Life One Meal at a Time.

Orders Placed Now Will Be Delivered On Sunday Jun 23rd And / Or Wednesday Jun 26th.