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Delivering Cooked, Healthy, Clean Meals
Right To Your Door
Changing Your Life One Meal At A Time
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Delivering Cooked, Healthy, Clean Meals
Right To Your Door

Changing Your Life One Meal At A Time

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How LivCleanMeals Works

Choose Your Favorite

Choose your favorite meals and order online or by phone. It’s easy to customize your order.

We Deliver Your Meals

We prepared and delivered meals arrive at your door. Duis autem vel eum lriure dolor in hendrerit in vulutate.

Eat And Enjoy

No shopping, no cooking, no counting and no cleaning. Enjoy your healthy meals with your family.

How LivCleanMeals Works

Choose Your Plan

Select from a pre-set meal plan or build your own

We Cook It

Your meals are prepared fresh with clean ingredients

Deliver or Pick-up

Conveniently delivered right to your door or Pick-up In Store

Heat It & Eat It

Enjoy your healthy meal.

LivClean Meals Holistic Nutritionist Stephanie Di Grazia

As the Registered Holistic Nutritionist for LivClean Meals she assists in recipe development and creation of menu items, provides menu consulting, and nutritional analysis to ensure our meals are both delicious and filled with nutrients, antioxidants and health promoting ingredients. She is also a go-to for customers seeking information about health, food and choosing meals for their health conditions or goals.

Stephanie Di Grazia is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Fitness & Transformation Coach, Life Coach and Wellness Educator based in Toronto. Nicknamed “The Walking Google”, she is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable individuals at her craft. After obtaining a degree in psychology, she followed her passions for food, fitness and health. Her interest and experience with holistic health from a young age led her to attend and graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with honors. Stephanie has developed an extensive understanding of how food, exercise and natural supplements can help to manage illness and optimize health.

The owner of Stephanie Di Grazia Nutrition and Sweet & Sensible by Stephanie Protein Bites (find them on our snack menu!), and co-owner of Fit Fix Fitness, Stephanie strives to change lives by inspiring, educating and coaching people to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve their health goals.


  • ROGERS TV: The DYNAMO Entrepreneur
  • TAG TV
  • SIXTYMAG wellness e-book and webinar; contributing author and Holistic Expert
  • CanFit World Fitness Expo 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Total Health Show
  • Whole Life Expo

Follow her on Instagram @stephaniedigrazianutrition
Website: www.stephaniedigrazianutrition.com ; www.fitfixfitness.com
Facebook: Stephanie Di Grazia RHN

LivClean Meal’s Chef Mark Lozano

Meet Chef Mark. With a Filipino descent and Italian upbringing, he has become incredibly skilled at infusing traditional dishes with a modern twist which had led him to work in the most renowned Italian restaurants today. Nothing makes him happier than to see LivClean’s clients smile from ear to ear when tasting his creations. Chef Mark truly loves changing clients lives one meal at a time.

Why Choose LivClean Meals?


Nutrient Dense Superfoods

Preservative-Free Ingredients

Low-Sodium & No Added Refined Sugar

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For the safety of our clients, staff and suppliers during COVID-19 - LivClean Meals has temporarily closed our services.
Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy.
With Love,
LivClean Meals